Somatic Session

Flow of Yoga


The body-based somatic approach I use is based on years of study and the practice of a variety of methodologies from around the world. In each session, I use a combination of respectful touch and verbal communication, based on both my client’s experience in the present and what I feel and sense in their body. Together we look to transform old, unwanted, emotional, and behavioural patterns that have manifested in the mind and body in a limiting way.

My overall intention for every session is to invite my clients to have a closer relationship with their TotalSelf.  To connect to their unique, innate abilities, and to encourage the natural healing potential that naturally exists in our bodies to flow. 

Dates and times

Wednesday June 10th – 9:15am until 6:15pm

Wednesday July 15th – 9:15am until 6:15pm

Wednesday September 16th – 9:15am until 6:15pm

Wednesday October 7th 10th – 9:15am until 6:15pm

Wednesday November 4th 10th – 9:15am until 6:15pm

Wednesday November 25th 10th – 9:15am until 6:15pm

Wednesday December 9th 10th – 9:15am until 6:15pm

Fee structure

My fee for the initials session is €120 (including VAT), payable by cash or pin on the day of your appointment. Follow-up sessions are generally between €90 and €120 depending on the length of your session. 

Scheduling your session can be done via the following link, this is a live site, so availability may vary from moment to moment – grab a spot that best suits you. When you make your booking, more information will follow about how to prepare for your session:

Flow of Yoga – Wednesdays 

Westerplein 2a / b, 1901 NA Castricum

90min session for new and existing clients,
60min session for existing clients only.