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Amanda MacRae

I grew up on the beaches just north of Sydney. As a teen and into my early 20s, I was a competitive athlete. During this time, I first discovered the benefits of meditation and performance visualization. 

For over 15 years, I lived the life of an executive in different industries and locations – from the fast-paced and dynamic world of live television production; to working in the Sydney advertising industry with some of the most iconic retail brands and then found myself making car commercials in Los Angeles. My career was by all definitions ‘successful’, and I was mostly happy with my choices.  However, I always found myself wanting something more.  

Alongside of my ‘executive life’ I would spend my weekends and spare time teaching meditation to small groups and individuals. While my students were in this meditative and quiet state, I found that I was able to attune to the needs of their bodies, and so I began intuitively working with them to bring about improved health or change in their lives. After some time, I realized I couldn’t continue working this way until I had a framework to protect myself in the process.

In 2011, while working in LA as an Executive Producer, I lost someone very close and dear to me.  It was through my grieving process that I was able to fully connect with and follow my desire to move my passion for mind-body healing practices to a profession.

I continue to travel all over to study different bodywork methodologies, meditation practices, and am continually seeking access to the science behind the mind-body connection. Today my primary office is based in the center of Amsterdam, where I offer one-on-one somatic sessions, workshops, wellness collaborations, and embodied leadership retreats. 

I am thrilled to be offering one-on-one sessions in the beautiful space and to the lovely community at Flow of Yoga. 

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